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Sunday Poesy

by tendo zenji

Cancel all Debts

Robbers never strike at the homes of the poor;
Private wealth does not benefit the entire nation.
Calamity has its source in the accumulated riches of a few,
People who lose their souls for ten thousand coins.

-Ikkyu (1394-1491)

sunday poesy

by layman k

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Midnight, can’t sleep,
so I sit up, to try my lute.
Curtains catch moonlight
the pure breeze flutters my sleeves.
A lone swan cries: in wilderness,
and flies, crying, to the north woods,
turning, and turning, and gyring there,
sees what?
Loneliness; to be alone so
wounds heart and mind.

-Juan Chi

(from The Shambhala Anthology of Chinese Poetry translated and edited by J.P Seaton)

sunday poesy

by layman k

Cold Mountain Poems
– Han Shan


I sit beneath the cliff, quiet and alone.
Round moon in the middle of the sky’s a bird ablaze:
all things are seen mere shadows in its brilliance,
that single wheel of perfect light …
Alone, its spirit naturally comes clear.
Swallowed in emptiness in this cave of darkest mystery,
because of the finger pointing, I saw the moon.
That moon became the pivot of my my heart.

(from Cold Mountain Poems, translated by J.P. Seaton)

sunday poesy

by layman k

Mountain Living: Twenty Poems
by Han-shan Te-ch’ing


Down beneath the pines,
a few thatched huts.
Before my eyes,
everywhere blue mountains,
and where the sun and moon
restless rise and fall,
this old white cloud
idly comes and goes.

(translated by James Cryer in The Shambhala Anthology of Chinese Poetry edited by J.P Seaton)

Sunday Poesy

by layman k

Dark Stream/An Album Leaf
-Hsu Wei

Gold splashed
on a little fan,
the half full
In light charcoal
a dark stream
a stream rushing
without sound,
just like
a lute
with the strings