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Let Your Mind Wander

by tendo zenji

Just let your mind wander along in the drift of things. Trust yourself to what is beyond you–let it be the nurturing center. Then you’ve made it. In the midst of all this, is there really any response? Nothing can compare to simply living out the inevitable unfurling of your life. And there’s nothing more difficult.

Chuang Tzu, from Chuang Tzu: The Inner Chapters translated by David Hinton

Encountering Snow

by tendo zenji

Encountering Snow on the Road to Ch’ang-an

Far into distances on this Ch’ang-an road,
year-end skies spread away all ashen haze,

drifting snow filling rivers and mountains
new moon to old, dark blur beyond blur.

Arriving geese can’t tell rock from water.
Crows cry hunger across abandoned fields.

I’m empty here, a grief-stricken traveler
gazing: no sign of cook-smoke anywhere.

–Meng Hao-Jan
translated by David Hinton in The Mountain Poems of Meng Hao-Jan


by tendo zenji


The owls are not what they seem

by tendo zenji


Tahoma’s resident Great Horned Owl

only what is necessary

by tendo zenji

Hermitage at Tahoma-san

My Drafty Mountain Hut at Tahoma-san

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Absence (I)

by tendo zenji



wind out of the south so bitter now
in distant clouds an emptiness
lost in endlessly stirring waves
out of waiting a precious silence


Two Komuso with dog

by tendo zenji

two komuso drawing


by tendo zenji


Snow day at Chobo-Ji.

deep snow—

on the signpost

a crow caws

Issa Kobayashi


mountain temple—

deep under snow

a bell

Issa Kobayashi