drafty mountain hut

always at home, forever on the way

Month: August, 2018

North Cascades Mountain Practice (I)

by tendo zenji


This mountain
seems somehow
lonely as I

am. People
come and go
through its empty

distances, and those
distances remain

empty. I’m getting old
now, but this
been here almost
forever. No

wonder it understands

loneliness so much
better than
I ever will. Every
time I come

here, we both
promise never to
leave, and mountains
always keep
their promises.

The eye, the mirror–
deep eye is
magic. Things seen

go all the way
inside me
and vanish there. It seems
impossible, I

know, but everything
heals from inside


David Hinton, from Desert: Poems

There is nothing melancholy in the truth

by tendo zenji

There is nothing melencholy in the truth.jpg

“There is nothing melancholy in the truth”. ┬áCalligraphy by Shodo Harada Roshi



by tendo zenji




still dwelling on the death of a poet
I made my way to the peninsula
to pay homage in the woods

but amidst the throngs, nothing felt right
and so I returned to the island
with only a thin volume in my hands