Kaoru Kakizakai in Seattle

by tendo zenji

Kaoru Kakizakai.png

Kaoru Kakizakai playing a 3.0 shakuhachi

Late June 2018 renowned Shakuhachi player Kaoru Kakizakai visited for a week of lessons, a workshop and a house concert. The house concert was a real treat, very intimate, with a small number of shakuhachi aficionado’s. You were really able to watch a master at work.


  1. Koden Sugomori (Nesting Cranes)
  2. Tamuke
  3. Honshirabe
  4. Moonlight Plays the Flute (composed by Rando Fukuda)
  5. Strangers Song  (composed by Rando Fukuda)
  6. Shika no Tône (Distant Cry of Deer) [duo with Patrick Johnson]
  7. Koku

Kaoru Kakizakai and Patrick Johnson