30 March 1858

by layman k

Approaching carefully the little pool south of Hubbard’s Grove, I see the dimples where the croakers which were on the surface have dived, and I see two or three still spread out on the surface,  in the sun. frog They are very wary, and instantly dive to the bottom on your approach and bury themselves in the weeds or mud. The water is quite smooth, and it is very warm here, just under the edge of the wood, but I do not hear any croaking. Later, in a pool behind Lee’s Cliff, I hear them,– the waking up of the leafy pools. The last was a pool amid the blueberry and huckleberry and a few little pines. I do not remember that I ever hear this frog in the river or ponds. They seem to be an early frog, peculiar to pools and small ponds in the woods and fields.

from the journals of Henry David Thoreau